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Local Coordinators

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Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics

The Gokhale Institute is the FUSE project local coordinator in PUNE, providing logistical support. They are working with us through a joint effort to involve local university undergraduates in conducting surveys to explore the impact of Covid-19 on household food-water-energy resource use.

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About the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics:  Pioneering Research in Economics - The primary objective of the Institute is to conduct research in the socio-economic dimensions of the Indian society, and impart training to researchers in this domain. The thrust areas of research at the Institute are Agricultural Economics, Rural Development & Cooperation, Population Studies, Input-Output Studies for Planning & Development, Monetary Economics & Finance, Public Economics, International Economics, among others. A Legacy of Contributions to Socio-Economic Policy-making - Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics is renowned for its initiatives in qualitative research in diverse areas of economic theory and practice. The Institute is credited with pioneering contributions by way of surveys, research, informed debate, analysis and critique which have shaped public discourse on major socio-economic initiatives and in formulating economic plans at the regional level in the State of Maharashtra, as well at the national level.

MIRRA - Methods for Irrigation and Agriculture

MIRRA, Methods for Irrigation and Agriculture, supports the FUSE project through local coordination in Jordan by working with us to organize workshops and meetings as well as providing information on stakeholders. MIRRA contributed to the mapping and analysis of the project stakeholders, providing outreach and communication with them, inviting them, implementing integrated logistical organization of the sets of workshops in Jordan, and continuous follow-up and feedback with the stakeholders.

MIRRA is a Jordanian, private, non-governmental research and development organization works locally in Jordan and regionally in the MENA region ( ).

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About MIRRAMIRRA was established in 2007. MIRRA works locally in Jordan and regionally in the MENA region in the fields of research, development and innovation to contribute to SDGs, local and regional strategies and social and economic prosperity. MIRRA focuses mainly on the sectors of agriculture, irrigation, water, WASH, Nexus, climate change and environment. In a parallel manner, within all it's projects, MIRRA includes components addressing capacity building, raising awareness, advocacy and mobilization for various stakeholders and beneficiaries. MIRRA supports research and development through cooperation with farmers, private sector entities, the government and public sectors, and international research institutions. MIRRA has over the years developed many initiatives in agriculture, irrigation, water, sanitation, education and hydro modeling. MIRRA uses a practical field methodology by employing adapted tools and techniques in order to help assure projects sustainability. MIRRA provides both short-term and long-term expertise and consultations, supplemented by a strong local network of specialists particularly in the water, agriculture, and irrigation sectors